Yesterday was Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before

It was 6:30 PM East Coast time on a Sunday. Naturally, this meant Philip Rivers was down by two possessions and in the midst of throwing the ball 20 straight times, trying not to have a brain aneurysm as the play clocked approached 0. At this point, on a crucial third down at the Stubhub Center…JORDAN HICKS WAS PUMPING UP THE CROWD AT AN AWAY GAME:

Look, I get it. The “Fight for LA’ is an absolute trainwreck. Los Angeles can’t support one team let alone two, so the Chargers crowds will always be pathetic. We as a country can’t agree on anything these days except that this now 0-4 team really screwed themselves by leaving San Diego. Even so, we gotta give our fan base a lot of credit for the astounding support today. On the completely opposite coast in a stadium that charges $100 just to park your car in front of it, we took that place over and I’ve never seen anything like it:

As for the game itself, that went like pretty much every Chargers game that Phillip Rivers has ever played. Rivers had to sling it 40+ times while screaming his head off, only to come up a few plays short of winning. Seriously, we do this every Sunday starting at 4:05, it’s like the football version of the movie Groundhog Day.

Image result for bill murray groundhog day gif

Don’t look now, but that play calling head coach we were all getting on, called the perfect 4th quarter. oh, and the Cardinals offensive line sucks so next week should be fun

By Aidan Powers | October 2, 2017