We’ve Got the List of Bars with Free Bud Light for the Parade and There’s No Shortage

It’s been no secret that before the season started, Lane Johnson and Bud Light struck a deal to provide the whole city with free beer if the Eagles won a Super Bowl.

Well, the Eagles fuckin did it and we are about drink on Bud Light’s dime. The beer company has officially deemed Thursday February 8, Philly Philly day, a play off their popular Dilly Dilly campaign (another classic example of everything working out perfectly this year). Now, what has been a secret and what’s been under wraps is how a plan of that magnitude can come into fruition. But a day before the parade, we’ve got a little more information on how this fantastic day long will play out.

Along the parade route, there will be some 34 quality establishments offering refreshing Bud Light as the floats make their way. Tokens will he handed out and every person will be able to redeem their token for one free can of Bud Light IF they can verify their legal age. Once your redeem your Bud Light, your hand will be stamped and no one with a hand stamp will be given another Bud Light. If you are looking for a way around this, yes I’ll be licking my hand like a god damn cat to get the stamp off and get more.

Everyone knows the key to a good darty is finding your sources throughout the day. Therefore, the key tomorrow is figuring out which bars will be participating vendors, which has been hard to do. Luckily, everything can be found in the depths of Reddit:

Zoom in on the left side to see which bars are participating and form your strategy. Then, zoom in on the right to see what the inventory at each place is going to look like. Breaking down the list, I see a few interesting tid bits.

First, McGillins getting the top honor of 67 cases was like Kansas being a 1 seed in March Madness, just a given. Only right that after spending so many weekends drinking Bud Light pitchers there that they get a heavy dose of the same tomorrow. But I have to say, I think a few solid local drinking establishments got shorted. Drinkers pub only receiving 27 cases seems like a bit disrespectful. It doesn’t get the shine that some of the other names on the list get but it has seen its fair share of great nights and if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s to not count out the underdog. It’s going to be better than trying your hand at Tavern on Broad, that’s for sure. If you know anything about the bouncers at that place, you know your Bud Light is not going to be free. Another name I think got shorted is Fox and the Hound. Very underrated sports bar. Made for some great nights in college, especially since they didn’t card you. I’d slide that one a look too.

All in all, this has the makings of the greatest day long of all time. Thank you to Bud Light, and especially Lane Johnson for making this possible. Dilly Dilly…Philly Philly

By Aidan Powers | February 8, 2018