With Wentz, I Now Feel Confident the Eagles Can Go Anywhere and Win

Football Sunday’s in theory are great. It’s the day you get to sit back, relax, and watch your favorite football team. The stresses and anxiety caused by work or school are forgotten and replaced by the joys of 1pm kickoffs and NFL RedZone. But like I said, that’s IN THEORY. In reality, watching your favorite team can be miserable. Big Cat’s take, while meant to be funny, is really freakin accurate (just replace Bears with Eagles):
Watching the Eagles on Sunday’s is pretty much like watching Dunkirk. Any second everything is gonna go to shit. It’s an anxiety stricken thrill ride and losing the way we do sometimes has got to be the equivalent of crashing and being captured by Nazi’s. Well, maybe something close to it.
Thankfully, this Sunday’s game was nothing like that as the Eagles dominated throughout. This was thanks in large part to our, don’t look now, MVP candidate, Carson Wentz. Look, as long as Aaron Rodgers’ arm doesn’t fall off, Wentz is not winning an MVP trophy this year. We are probably getting too ahead of ourselves by even putting him into the conversation and ask Rick Pitino how quickly premature notions can ruin you.
Wentz is not an MVP caliber quarterback (yet) but performances like Sunday’s where he goes 11/12 for 225 yards and 3 TDs on 3rd down is promising in a variety of ways to everyone except Pro Football Focus. By the way, if you want to bet on Wentz to win MVP, now has the 4th highest odds so you should jump on that. A spectacular performance like Wentz’ against the Cardinals provides confidence that the Eagles have a chance to win every game they play in, a feeling I haven’t felt as a fan of this team for years.
This Thursday’s game is a perfect example of being confident in a possible win, no matter the circumstances. On the road, on a short week, against a 4-1 team, probably without Fletcher Cox. Oh, and Lane Johnson likely will be kept out with a concussion, we know how swimmingly things went without him last year.  This has the makings of a scheduled loss. Take our lumps and get ready for a marquee Monday night matchup with the Redskins. Yet, you get that feeling with Wentz hitting his stride with his wide array of weapons, they might just squeak this win out. They might just squeak this division title out too.
This celebration just makes me heart happy. Dripping swag:
Image result for eagles home run celebration gif
By Aidan Powers | October 10, 2017