We Can’t Treat Every Sixers Loss the Same as an Eagles Loss

There’s nothing quite like the overreaction to a Sixers loss.

Yes, the Sixers lost last night in bad fashion and no Brett Brown shouldn’t be fired you fucking idiots.

We can’t keep doing this after every Sixers loss.

The Sixers were fresh off of a 5 game winning streak and because they lost one game, that means Brett Brown can’t coach?

The people that want Brett Brown fired are the fake Sixers fans that were told that the team was going to be good this year so they tuned in to watch only to see that these “perceived superstars” can’t close games. Then they call into sports talk radio stations and say dumb stuff like “Fire Brett Brown and hire Mark Jackson.” (Yes, that Mark Jackson. The only guy that could hold down the Warriors, started David Lee over Draymond Green, wanted to trade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love and was such a toxic problem to that locker room that they fired him after taking the Spurs to 7 games in 2014. Oh and by the way, Mark Jackson hasn’t been hired yet and he’s been out of the league for nearly 4 seasons.)

*end rant*

We cannot treat this Sixers team the same as we treat the Eagles. The Eagles play once a week so naturally overreaction is going to occur. That’s the nature of the sport. Basketball takes a long time to build chemistry amongst your stars and your role players. It’s just how it works. To be honest with you, I’m shocked this team is as far along as they are right now. Simmons has been everything we’ve expected and more and they’ve won with Joel Embiid at 70%, according to Brett Brown. The Sixers are winning games because of their star players flourishing in the system and culture that Brett Brown has instilled for them. The Sixers run a very clean offense, have the makings of a good defensive team as the season goes on and guess what, they’re the best team in the NBA at points per possession out of out of bounds sets. Gee, do you think Brett Brown can coach a little bit? Also, ALSO, they have the second most teams assists in the league behind the Golden State. GOLDEN STATE. Let this team grow because the system that Brett has instilled is working.

If you’re one of those buffoons that want Brett Brown fired I beg of you to stop watching, stop tweeting and stop calling sports radio stations because it’s going to be you idiots that get this man fired.

Let this team grow and let the people that grew with this team enjoy it. Don’t turn every Sixers loss into this team sucks, this coaching staff sucks and our two star players suck.

Don’t treat every Sixers game the same as an Eagles game– you’ll thank me later.


By phillyfanlife.com | November 10, 2017