Vikings Fans’ Plot to Invade The Linc is Borderline Pathetic

Apparently, the good people of Minnesota are plotting an invasion aimed at Lincoln Financial Field for the NFC Championship  game this weekend. A conquest of this magnitude hasn’t been seen since the actual Vikings invaded Ireland:

Let me start by saying this: As a Temple football fan, we flew two charter planes down to Boca Raton for a bowl game and we were so proud of ourselves. I am someone who thought filling two charter planes was an accomplishment and roots for a team who’s fans routinely can’t fill The Linc. Take my word for it, your efforts of filling that stadium are futile. A few flights from Minnesota are a cute little story for the 11 o’clock news this week, but that probably wouldn’t even fill PBR at Xfinity Live. According to that newscast, it’s 6 degrees in Minneapolis, so I don’t blame them for fleeing but Jesus are they in for a wake up call this weekend.
 There’s also a rumor floating around the internet that Vikings fans are intimidated to make the venture to Philly because of gangs that await them when they arrive here. Like I said, I went to Temple, so as someone who lived in North Philly for four years, I can confirm there are gangs in the city. But, you know what probably needs to keep you on your toes more than gangs? 65,000 raging psychopaths in dog masks who were given the ability to booze from 11am to 6pm. Those damn dog masks are harder to get than actual tickets to this game. What they give you, on top of the look of a low budget horror film villain, is the anonymity to scream obscenities at whoever you choose. As an out of towner, that might freak me out a little more than the possible sight of a gang member.
 While we’re participating in Minnesota hate week, I need to get off my chest that I think Marshall is easily the most overrated character in How I Met Your Mother.
 Just a stereotypical big soft pushover from Minnesota. His relationship with Lily and the jokes that came with it were stale after about four seasons. Neil Patrick Harris really had to carry that show when you look back at it.
 Anyway, looking forward to meeting the 16 Vikings fans that make it to Philly and have to settle on McFadden’s for the game!
By Aidan Powers | January 18, 2018