This Could Be the Greatest Christmas Since Jesus Himself Was Born

Winters in the Northeast can be brutal, especially the months of January and February. The weather is ridiculously bitter cold, the sun sets at what seems like noon and everyone is in a miserable mood. But December, especially around Christmas time, all of those problems go away. The snows seems whiter, people are merry, the best holiday themed movies are on TV and the best part is, this year all the wonderful things about the holidays are being enhanced by Philly sports.

Here is what the timeline is going to look like this Christmas in Philadelphia:

  • Midnight: Attend mass and pray our teams win instead of listening to the sermon
  • 9:00am: Open presents and hope they aren’t a bunch of socks from Marshall’s
  • Noon: Sixers tip-off with the Knicks in the Garden
  • 2pm: Christmas Dinner
  • 8:30pm: The Eagles take to The Linc on Christmas Night vs Oakland

Look, by the time Christmas rolls around the Sixers medical staff may have already ruined three players’ knees and the Eagles could be playing meaningless football, otherwise known as Zach Ertz’ time to shine. I could be spending the night watching Elf for what might be the 13th straight year, albeit this scene never gets old:

But, this just feels like it could be a special day, I mean even more special than it being the Messiah’s birthday. We can potentially see Ben Simmons drop a triple double in the Garden (read that in Jay Z’s voice), followed up by Carson Wentz out-dueling Derek Carr mixed in with good tidings and cheer.

Sports in Philadelphia the past several years have been painful to watch, stressful to endure and full of unknowns. This Christmas can be the culmination of hardships transforming into promise for Philadelphia sports. The 76ers are set regain national respectability and notoriety on the NBA’s biggest day combined with the Eagles squaring off with a playoff caliber team with a division on the line.

When the day rolls around there are a few things you shouldn’t let work your nerves. Firstly, don’t let ESPN putting up the Sixers injury graphic get to you, it is all in the past (hopefully).  Secondly, don’t let your relatives talk your ear off while your anticipating another TJ McConnell game winner, you’re going to tell them the same BS after college plans anyway.  Last and most importantly, when the broadcast crew on the Eagles game inevitably brings up throwing snowballs at Santa, I’m not sure a shot of spiked egg nog will help, but a liter of Everclear might do the trick.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Oh, and I missed the first half of this game to get my Christmas tree so here’s the Miracle at the Meadowlands II set to the song from Titanic:






By Aidan Powers | August 11, 2017