The Stars are Finally Aligning for Philly Sports…

(By: Aaron Black)

Alright, I’m gonna say it. Here it goes, the Eagles are a 1 seed in the NFC.

Now I know what I’m gonna get it, woah pump the breaks, anything can happen, sober up, etc. I get it, trust me. But just look at what’s happening in the NFC right now. There’s absolutely no consistency! The Falcons are a complete mess on offense, Matt Ryan couldn’t look more polar opposite than his MVP season last year and oh ya, they just blew a 17-0 lead to the Dolphins this week. The Cowboys are going to lose Zeke for 6 weeks while already in a two game division hole. And the Packers lost the best QB in the league in Aaron Rodgers while getting pounded by Minnesota.

With all that said, there are still the Seahawks. That is a team who is scary at home but mediocre on the road. Their offensive line is an absolute trainwreck no matter where they play. The Rams look okay at 4-2, but are the Rams here to stay? I don’t see it quite yet but to be fair, no one does because no one shows up to their games.

So with that being said, the NFC has many flaws and the Eagles seem to be easily the most consistent team in the conference on both sides of the ball. You simply do not run the ball on this team! Teams become one dimensional against a secondary who seems to be gaining confidence every week. And yeah, we are getting Ronald Darby back and possibly, maybe, hopefully, Sidney Jones.

And to top it off our offense right now is the best it’s been in years. Carson well…what’s left to say, he’s the son of God. Remember all those years it was supposed to be Zach Ertz breakout year? Welp, it’s finally that year. Our 3rd down conversion rate is astonishingly efficient and it is breaking the back of opposing defenses. Oh, and my personal favorite tid-bit from the “Everything is going right” list, Nelson Agholor has more reception yards than Dez Bryant.

5-1 right now exceeded all of our expectations going into this season, but with 3 home games coming up before a bye week, the Eagles have a legitimate chance at being 7-2 before the bye.

Zeke suspended, Rodgers out for the season, and the Falcons looking like a 9-7 team…the pieces are falling in place. Negadelphia needs to go away. The Eagles are a Super Bowl contender… SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention, the moment we have been waiting four years for is finally here: the culmination of The Process begins this week as Joel Embiid, Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons take the court for the first time together. Even though they lost last night, the Sixers are here to stay and once they figure this thing out… watch out NBA.

Have we forgotten about the Flyers?

The other night, Nolan Patrick did this:

This team is fast, young and exciting. Claude Giroux looks like a different player at the wing and Ghost is starting to get that magic back that we saw in his rookie season.

It’s all coming up Philadelphia.

Welcome to the Golden Age.

By Aidan Powers | October 17, 2017