The Melo Trade Hype Train Rolls Into Philly

While the national media was busy ignorantly ripping The Process, the Knicks were busy becoming the dramatic dumpster fire of the NBA. From Charles Oakley being kicked out of the Garden to Kristaps’ exit interview saga, the Knicks have reached rock bottom and their star, Carmelo wants all the way out. While Melo wants out and their increasingly incompetent President, Phil Jackson would not be sad to see him go, trading the disheveled star would be difficult. The Cavs and Clippers have always been somewhat logical landing spots but recently, two unexpected teams have appeared in trade rumors: the Wizards and Sixers.

Anthony, who reportedly would not mind a change of scenery in D.C. or Philly, would be interesting to see embedded with the young Sixers core. The result of Melo as a Sixer would go one of two ways: battle tested veteran helps shape our youth or absolute train wreck. On one hand, Melo could end up like Joe Johnson on the Utah Jazz, as a proven veteran who can get your team buckets when they need it and help provide leadership on an unproven and untested roster. On the other hand, the Carmelo Anthony who forced his way out of Denver, got jealous of Jeremy Lin and stated his wife Lala was married while he was not does not seem like the type of player who would take a backseat to young players and sacrifice shot attempts.

While Melo as a Sixer seems far-fetched, he already has provided us with one of the best moments in Wells Fargo Center basketball history…way to put a hand up on D there superstar.



By | June 27, 2017