The Eagles Got Jay Ajayi Cause Why the Hell Not?

 I’ll be honest, I’m as conservative as they come when we’re talking blockbuster moves. As a proud GM of a mediocre fantasy football team, I can honestly say I have never made a trade in fantasy. I love the status quo. I love even keel. Change is never better. But… fuck it man, we got Jay Ajayi.
 It’s rare that all of Philadelphia is agreement on something but I think we are in unison in believing that we love Howie going all in for a Super Bowl run. Sometimes with a team, you just get that feeling that everything has aligned too perfectly for them to be stopped. As a Philly fan, I’ve always been on the other side of that. Take for instance, the 2010 NLCS against the San Francisco Giants. Even with a lead and Roy Halladay on the hill, you had a gut wrenching feeling that the Giants were going to flip the script. Everything was going to work out for them and we had to sit there and painfully absorb every Cody Ross hit. Well, when you’re nailing 61 yard walk off field goals and the best running back in the NFC is suspended, things are working out pretty well for you. Everyone, fan or not, can tell it seems to FINALLY be our time and I have no problem with Howie acting like it is.
 There’s always THAT guy who has to be a spin the narrative in a negative way and that guy is always this blowhard, David Murphy:
Woah, what a shock that the Daily News is failing. Let’s see if we can set this guy straight and breakdown why this was a great trade. Last spring at the NFL Draft (it’s an absolute joke that Dallas is hosting it this year), the Eagles would have had to burn a first or second round pick in order to acquire a young, bell cow running back, including having to trade up to snag Dalvin Cook. Instead, they drafted Derek Barnett with the pick they got for Sam Bradford. Then, as the fight song belted out, the Eagles took Sidney Jones in the second round, who would have had a first round price tag if not for injury. Fast forward to fall, and we just essentially obtained a quality, starting running back for a fourth round pick instead of using our first round pick last spring. So, two legitimate first round talents and an NFL starting running back for a 1st, 2nd and 4th. Not bad, Howie.
 We also have to acknowledge that this is a phenomenal trade because the fact of the matter is, the more players with dreads you have, the more likely you are to be a good football team. There is a direct correlation between the Eagles acquiring Sidney Jones and Ronald Darby and then getting off to their best start since 2004. It’s no accident that Alabama is out here in the College Football Playoff every year. This is just science #analytics
Oh, this has nothing to do with this article or with the Eagles running back situation, but wow it is hilarious in any setting:
By Aidan Powers | October 31, 2017