That Was the Craziest Eagles Win Since…?

Everyone remembers where they were the day the Miracle at the Meadowlands II went down. I was getting my Christmas tree. I remember being out on some Christmas tree farm, searching for cell service in desperation to find the score, only to find out we were getting blown out by another mediocre Giants team. After sitting down at a sports bar, Celek catches that pass over the middle that he takes to the house and I think nothing of it. The team that has let us down in dramatic fashion so many times had just turned a playoff trip that seemed like a lock into a giant uncertainty. And then…IT HAPPENED.

So let’s face it, in yesterday’s game when Alshon Jeffery gets hit with a 15 yard face mask penalty as the Eagles are driving in need of a field goal, you think it’s over. When the defense collapses in the fourth quarter you think, “how did we manage to blow this one?”. And when the Eagles lined up for a 61 yard field goal, part of you thought Odell Beckham was taking it back the other way for a walk off win. It would be the type of loss where you had to have an internal discussion as to whether you wanted to be buried or cremated right then and there. But then…IT HAPPENED:

We are always going to remember where we were the day Jake Elliot hit a 61 yard field goal as time expired to beat the Giants. Just like we remember where we were when Desean returned that punt and when Dawkins fell to the ground after annihilating the Cowboys 44-6. It was the type of game that exemplifies the agonies and triumphs of being an Eagles fan, all packed into one insane roller coaster ride of a 4th quarter.

But, most importantly, it was a game we as Eagles fans aren’t used to winning. Yes, we absolutely pulled that one out of our ass. Yet, after dominating for 3 quarters and then collapsing in the 4th, we could have packed it in and sailed smoothly to another lackluster 8-8 season. The mental toughness and composure this team showed late in the game after the wheels fell off and the defense became depleted was the sign of a team who could legitimately make the playoffs. On one improbable kick from a rookie kicker who was on the Bengal practice squad less than a month ago we went from another gut wrenching Eagles loss to “IT HAPPENED”.

Oh, and one last thing…they seat 30,000 in that sad excuse of a Chargers stadium. How many in attendance do you think will be Eagles fans next week? 20,000? 22,000?

By Aidan Powers | September 25, 2017