Sunday was the Greatest Day of my Entire Life

Rarely, if ever, does everything in a day go perfectly. Usually, there are just too many moving parts for everything to work out the way that you plan. Sunday however, could not have gone any better. When Nick Foles dropped that dime on the flea flicker to Torrey Smith to deliver the knock out blow, it felt like it dawned on all 70,000 of us lunatics that our day had come.
 It’s almost like we made up for all of the bad fortune the city of Philadelphia has experienced in one joyous day. All of the heartbreak, all of the losing, having to watch Jahlil Okafor play basketball, all of those frustrating experiences were forgiven by the 3rd quarter on Sunday night.
 Let’s quick run through everything that went well to make Sunday the greatest day in the history of Philadelphia since they signed the Declaration of Independence.
 Firstly, the weather for a January day was as shocking as it was astounding. 50 degrees throughout the day so we could get nice and boozed up all day long out in the parking lot in comfortable conditions. You knew the great people of Philadelphia were not going to waste a gift from Mother Nature to get day drunk.

Philly is a warzone right now @lacesoutshow

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God bless those Vikings fans that did show up. Those purple people walked into South Philadelphia and were met by 70,000 screaming psychos in dog masks drinking Natty Light and ripping shots all day long. Even Ryan Howard was out there in the crowds tailgating. It was the greatest darty of all time.
It was also apparent that our offense, especially Nick Foles, is a lot better when it’s not brick cold. As it turns out, it’s easier to play football when you can feel your extremities. I’m not saying I expected Foles’ performance, but I knew he would be better than the last two games in the regular season. That weather was absolutely miserable. Dak Prescott, Derek Carr, or Foles it didn’t matter who it was you were going to struggle in that position. In crystal clear conditions, Foles had the game of his life.
 The atmosphere could have its own article but that was incredible even for Philly standards. When that American Flag got stretched out across the field and that Navy officer belted out the anthem, you knew it was going to be a special night. By the time we were singing Tom Petty’s ‘Won’t Back Down’ in the 4th quarter, I thought I was in heaven with Tom. Looking around and realizing what an electric factory that place was made it easy to ooze confidence that we were going to win. That game was similar to Game 4 of the World Series when Joe Blanton hit a home run, there was too much energy in that crowd to go home a loser.
 Nick Foles was touched on earlier but his performance cannot be talked about enough. There’s a solid chance that we had a Space Jam situation where Carson Wentz’ talent was stolen from him and when Foles touched the football he turned into a Monstar. This guy was 10/11 on 3rd down conversions and the only incompletion he had all night was when Trey Burton inexplicably played leap frog on the sideline. I cried when Wentz got hurt, thinking that was the end all be all and another season had been squandered. Thank you, Nick, for saving the season. Imagine being a Vikings fan and  paying for tickets, airfare and a hotel that totaled in the thousands just to get absolutely obliterated by this guy:

We only want quarterbacks who have great skills.

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 Lastly, we could not have asked for a better outcome than a 38-7 annihilation to send us to the Super Bowl. Patrick Robinson’s pick 6 sent this city into a frenzy and there was no looking back. Usually in the 4th quarter of the Eagles game, I’m fretting on the verge of an anxiety attack. On Sunday, by the 4th quarter we were bumping to DMX and mocking the Vikings chant by replacing ‘Skol’ with ‘Foles’. Terry Bradshaw started the song and the rest was history, the final chapter in the greatest day in Philadelphia Eagles history…until two weeks from now.
By Aidan Powers | January 23, 2018