Soon, Everyone’s Going to Hate the Sixers and I Can’t Wait to Embrace it

By: Jack Fritz (@Jack_Fritz34)

Let me preface this whole article by saying that this is going to come across and an insanely biased article, but you know what? I don’t really care.

The Sixers, in short time, are going to go from exciting, confident young trio to absolutely hated by opposing fanbases, teams and coaches because of 1.) how good they are, 2.) how cocky they are about how good they are and 3.) how annoying the Sixers fans are going to be.

Yes, this team is going to capture Philadelphia with not only it’s winning ways but THE WAY they’re going to win. Just look at how they all handle themselves on social media. They literally strut their stuff like they’re already champions when two-thirds of them haven’t played in an NBA game yet and one of them only played 31 games last year. Now wait until they step on an NBA court together. That cocky, somewhat arrogant, feeling that embodies our young trio is going to translate to the court and that, THAT is really going piss off everyone involved.

Can’t you just envision like a few months from now after the Sixers boat-race the Cavs in emphatic fashion in front of a sold out Wells Fargo Center, a petty LeBron bitching to beat reporters saying, “they haven’t won anything yet” and he doesn’t know why they are celebrating like they just won a championship. Really, I just want to be listening to a Bill Simmons pod after the Sixers beat the Celtics and I want to hear him squeal about how much Embiid pisses him off. I NEED that injected into my veins.

Call me crazy, or site this article if that’s the case, because I think the Sixers are about to reach Warrior level obnoxiousness around the NBA.

Let’s start with our fearless leader, Joel Embiid. Embiid knows he’s like top 5, top 5 good and even though he’s missed larger portions of 3 seasons in the NBA that doesn’t stop him from thinking he’s one of the best players in the NBA. His social media game is always GOAT-worthy but now him and Ben Simmons have really been going off on social media… let’s get to the evidence:


Daily reminder of how much I hated J.J Redick at Duke.

Just saying the word Process in a few years is going to piss off so many people.

Seriously, if you’re not following Drew Corrigan (@DCorrigan50) you’re doing something wrong.

All I’m saying is that these guys are one of the best young trios, on paper, that the NBA has ever seen, they know it and they’re going to be good for many years to come. If there’s one thing I know about sports fans it’s that they HATE cocky athletes and to be honest many of us in Philadelphia do as well, but guess what? These are our cocky, world beating guys and I can’t wait or everyone to turn on them and it’s us against the world.

Just please, for the love of God and our sanity as a city, let these guys stay healthy. I’m dead ass serious when I say they are one of the best young cores in the history of the NBA.

Remember how encapsulated this city was during that ONE Finals run in 2001? Now we have a legit chance at that every summer.

Guys, we have an opportunity to be Boston-level arrogant with this Sixers team. LET ME BE BOSTON ARROGANT FOR ONE TIME IN MY LIFE.

The NBA from the players, the coaches and fans are going to turn on the Sixers and I know that I can’t wait to go to war for them and with them.

By | July 5, 2017