Slaughtering the Broncos was a Perfect Cap to an Almost Perfect First Half of the Season

By Mike Chisdock and Aidan Powers:

After a 51-23 absolute shellacking of the Denver Broncos and their vaunted defense, this Eagles team heads into its bye week with the most hype around it since TO was doing crunches in the end zone. In a game that was never really close and never had a chance to be, the birds showed off everything that has this team poised for a deep run into the playoffs (knocks on every wood surface possible). We saw Carson Wentz completely pick apart a Pro-Bowl caliber secondary as he bolstered his already strong MVP campaign. His performance compared to Brock Osweisler’s really put into perspective just how valuable Wentz is. Watching Big Brock loft prayers off his back foot into the secondary was laughable yet painful at the same time. Having a guy who gets rocked on a roughing the passer call on one play, and then throws a touchdown on the next, is something we shouldn’t take for granted.  Hell, we even got to see what Jay Ajayi could do when he has a good offensive line blocking for him (Thanks again Miami, enjoy using that 4th round pick on a swell special teamer). The surprise of the game though had to be undrafted free agent Corey Clement. After watching him absolutely shred Penn State’s defense in last year’s Big Ten championship game firsthand, I was shocked not only that the Eagles got him, but that he went undrafted in the first place. All he does is make plays when he touches the ball. Performances like that showcase the wide array of weapons we are working with so God bless whatever defensive coordinator has to game-plan for us.  This Eagles team now, with Ajayi added to the backfield to compliment the other backs, is a 7 on the litmus scale: a perfect balance of weapons in both the run in the pass, with the lead MVP candidate as the ringmaster. Seriously, this team put up 51 without Zach Ertz, but Nick Wright please tell me more about how the Vikings and Case fucking Keenum are a more legitimate contender.

After years of disappointment and false hope, this Eagles team is different and I think every fan can feel it. Just a few years ago, losing Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks to injury would be a death sentence to our team, spiraling us all into a crippling, winter depression. Now, guys like Big V (don’t make me try to type out his full name) and Nigel Bradham, who is laying skill players out like they are a cabana boy on South Beach, are stepping up and it seems like this team isn’t missing a beat. I have always been one of Howie Roseman’s biggest critics for years now, but I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong and it looks like he figured out how to build a winner through drafting quality players and bringing in the right pieces through free agency. It also helps to have Carson Wentz standing under center. The excitement around this football team in South Philly is through the roof and don’t let anyone take this feeling from you. This season has gone better than anyone could have anticipated and every week when you think they can’t get any better they show you they still haven’t hit their ceiling yet. Just imagine how great they would be if Fletcher Cox went to OTAs!!!

I know there are going to be fans out there telling me to pump the brakes, don’t mention playoffs only halfway through a year. But, watching this team every week they seem to blow through their ceiling and get better and better. It’s time to start believing that this team can do what no Eagles team before them has done. Not only have the Eagles played lights out this year, but if you watched the shit show that was the Seahawks yesterday, you see there is reason to believe no one can stick with the Birds blow for blow.  For the first time in a long time, the Eagles are a real powerhouse in the NFL, get excited and savor the moment. 

By Aidan Powers | November 6, 2017