Shawn Long, and His Fat Feet, Gets Traded to the Rockets for a Second Round Pick

People forget that Shawn Long, and his fat feet, were solely responsible for Ben Simmons’ breaking his fifth meta-tarsal bone in the last scrimmage before preseason last year.

Yes, that Shawn Long has been traded by the Sixers to the Rockets for a second round pick and cash considerations. Call me crazy but getting a second round pick for a guy that has a reputation of hurting top draft picks and players is a clear win for the Sixers, right?

I actually sort of liked Shawn Long. Why? Because he was better than Jahlil Okafor. Here’s a question, could Jah even get you a second round pick at this point? Just kidding… sort of. Long did show some decent range on his jumper last year and even recorded a double-double in a game last year… begging the question, does he roll out of bed and average 20 and 10?

Here’s some more clarification on the pick from Godner.

Go, Bryan?

By | June 29, 2017