Recapping the Five Greatest Moments From Parade Day

  1. Chris Long pulled off one of the freshest fits of all time.

I thought it was a nice touch by the players to come out with the throwback jerseys on. It was like saying, “We ALL won this. This is for EVERYBODY that ever played and wore the Eagles uniform”. Fletcher Cox in the Reggie White jersey. Brent Celek in the Harold Carmichael Jersey (very underrated). But, although it wasn’t an Eagles jersey, you have to respect Chris Long for pulling off a fur coat and an Iverson jersey. The best day long jersey has always been retro Iverson but adding a fur coat to that is the ultimate finishing touch.


  1. Throwing beers to the players

Nothing gets me in the celebratory mood quite like Malcolm Jenkins almost dropping the trophy cause he’s “turnt up”. I loved that the players were getting as shitfaced as the rest of us and snagging beers left and right. I personally missed Mack Hollins with a beer and am now contemplating killing myself, but we had good times. Shoutout to Zach Ertz for still not having a drop all year:

  1. The viral videos

The best part about this entire Super Bowl ride and not just the parade are the videos that made you say, “that’s so Philly”. Parade day had no shortage of those moments. For the past week, we have been living in a society that has ceased the existence of rule and law. It’s just constant pandemonium where trash trucks no longer collect garbage and our now just used for sightseeing. We have waged a war on light poles that we have probably won. Subway poles not so much. We are just flat out doing anything we want at this point.

  1. The Crowd

If you think there were only 700,000 people there, you are a moron. Look, I’ve been to the Phillies parade, Obama’s inauguration and the Pope speech in Philly. Thursday topped all of that attendance wise by a mile. They hit 700,000 people before the floats hit Walnut Locust. Use all the algorithms you want, I can use an eye test and know that was the largest gathering in Philadelphia history. Unified as a city of champions.

  1. Jason Kelce’s speech

I’m not sure if I’m doing this politics thing right but I think Jason Kelce is now the mayor of Philadelphia and possibly the President of the United States. In what was the greatest speech since MLK proclaimed he had a dream, Kelce hit all three things Jim Valvano once said you should do in a day. He made us laugh when he mentioned Lane being “on the juice”. He made us think when he rattled off every single Eagle player’s personal negative reputation that they overcame. And he made us cry when he declared that we Philadelphians, were the greatest underdog of all. You don’t have to like us, you just have to call us champions.

By Aidan Powers | February 10, 2018