The Eagles Got Jay Ajayi Cause Why the Hell Not?

 I’ll be honest, I’m as conservative as they come when we’re talking blockbuster moves. As a proud GM of a mediocre fantasy football team, I can honestly say I have never made a trade in fantasy. I love the status quo. I love even keel. Change is never better. But… fuck it man, we got […]

By Aidan Powers | October 31, 2017

The Stars are Finally Aligning for Philly Sports…

(By: Aaron Black) Alright, I’m gonna say it. Here it goes, the Eagles are a 1 seed in the NFC. Now I know what I’m gonna get it, woah pump the breaks, anything can happen, sober up, etc. I get it, trust me. But just look at what’s happening in the NFC right now. There’s […]

By Aidan Powers | October 17, 2017

With Wentz, I Now Feel Confident the Eagles Can Go Anywhere and Win

Football Sunday’s in theory are great. It’s the day you get to sit back, relax, and watch your favorite football team. The stresses and anxiety caused by work or school are forgotten and replaced by the joys of 1pm kickoffs and NFL RedZone. But like I said, that’s IN THEORY. In reality, watching your favorite […]

By Aidan Powers | October 10, 2017

Resident FS1 Moron, Colin Cowherd, Says Things a Moron Would Say

It seems as if the producers of shows at FS1 get together and draw names out of a hat to determine which talking head on their shitty network will make a terrible headline that day. Congrats, Colin Cowherd, today is your big day! If you missed Colin’s little rant today, and you probably did because […]

By Aidan Powers | October 3, 2017

Yesterday was Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before

It was 6:30 PM East Coast time on a Sunday. Naturally, this meant Philip Rivers was down by two possessions and in the midst of throwing the ball 20 straight times, trying not to have a brain aneurysm as the play clocked approached 0. At this point, on a crucial third down at the Stubhub […]

By Aidan Powers | October 2, 2017

That Was the Craziest Eagles Win Since…?

Everyone remembers where they were the day the Miracle at the Meadowlands II went down. I was getting my Christmas tree. I remember being out on some Christmas tree farm, searching for cell service in desperation to find the score, only to find out we were getting blown out by another mediocre Giants team. After […]

By Aidan Powers | September 25, 2017

STFU and Let Temple Build a Stadium on Campus

One week of college football was enough to fall in love with the sport all over again, like we do each fall. Last week, we saw a 34 point comeback in the second half and a double overtime thriller that ended on a failed two point conversion…and that wasn’t even part of Saturday’s slate of […]

By Aidan Powers | September 9, 2017

We Probably Shouldn’t Freak Out If the Eagles Start 0-2

The month of August is a lot like running suicides in the gym for whatever sport you played in high school. It’s hot as the 7th layer of hell and it seems like the finish line is never close. Then once it’s finally over, you catch a breath of fresh air while the dementors stop […]

By Aidan Powers | September 7, 2017

Is It a Sin To Draft Cowboys In Fantasy Football?

It’s that time of year again where respective fantasy football draft days are rapidly approaching, along with the glorious return of football itself. Draft day, much like the first week of football, brings excitement and anticipation that can only be felt at this time of year. The argument can be made that draft day for […]

By Aidan Powers | August 28, 2017