Odell Beckham Is THAT Guy Who Stared at the Solar Eclipse

If I had to bet money on one political figure and one athlete that was going to stare right at the solar eclipse without glasses, it would have been Donald Trump and Odell Beckham Jr. anddddd here we are:

I usually never expect much from this brain trust but this one really takes the cake. The one difference between the two is that Trump got caught by a photographer while having a staring contest with the sun and OBJ flat out posted the video on his own account to illustrate his stupidity. To be honest, I really kind of expect this from a guy who thinks partying on a boat with Justin Bieber the week before playing a playoff game at Lambeau is a sound, logical decision.

Despite the criticism, I’m actually a huge fan of Odell Beckham. He has the most swag of any player I remember, both on and off the field. On the field, you get the visor with the custom cleats on a player making one hand catches look routine. Off the field, he rocks some fresh clothes with a great beard and I even kind of like the blonde hair. Every woman wishes she could sleep with him and every guy wishes their team would trade for him. I can’t even fathom the hysteria and excitement that would erupt from the Lincoln Financial Field seats if Carson Wentz was hitting OBJ in stride.

Even so, it seems as if Odell has more tattoos than he does brain cells. Maybe if OBJ blinds himself and Adam Schefter finally comes through and releases the Dez Bryant Wal-Mart parking lot video (that thing absolutely exists), the Eagles would have the best wide receiver in the NFC East in Alshon Jeffery.


By Aidan Powers | August 22, 2017