Nelson Agholor Winning Super Bowl MVP is Not as Crazy as you Think

 I’m not a betting man, because to be a betting man you must first have money. I am poor. But if I did, throw it all on Nelson Agholor as Super Bowl MVP at 66/1 odds. That’s taking candy from a baby. Not only does the match-up make a lot of sense, but he has the greatest underdog story on The underdog team. Here’s the three main reasons why the once written off first round pick will be going to Disney World:
1) The Patriots under Bill Belichick have always been notorious for taking away the opposing offense’s best option. Focusing on your primary weapon, and forcing you to rely on your secondary ones in crucial moments. Not saying they exactly locked down Julio Jones in the Super Bowl last year, but you have to expect Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler to have somewhat more success this time around. If this strategy holds true, expect Alshon Jeffery to receive the full attention of the Patriots secondary. Jeffrey, who seems to be finally in sync with Nick Foles, will be key to getting the quarterback in rhythm. Belichick and Matt Patricia have spent two weeks watching film of the Eagles doing that “RPO” where Foles hits Jeffery in stride after pulling the ball out of the running backs stomach for a pick up of 8-10 yards. If one of the Patriots corners gives up that play, we may witness a homicide on the New England sideline, Belichick will kill him in front of the whole country. With all the focus on Jeffery and somewhat on Zach Ertz, it will be crucial for Agholor to get Foles in that rhythm. Whether it’s bubble screens, slants or an early deep shot, you get the feeling Agholor will get his chances.

2) Not only will Nelson Agholor get his chances, he will be getting them with a favorable matchup. The Patriots defense has struggled with slot receivers all year. Part of the reason why? Our old friend Eric Rowe is the man who is in charge of locking that position down.

Aside from quarterback and coach, the Philadelphia Eagles have advantages all over the field on Sunday night. This is not the intimidating Patriots defense of old that featured the likes of Richard Seymour, Teddy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison (absolutely hate that guy). They are good, but there are holes. If you can’t take advantage of Agholor being covered by Rowe in the slot, we don’t deserve to win.
 3) The final reason Nelson Agholor will be Super Bowl MVP has nothing to do with stats, it has nothing to do with analytics. It is because on this magical ride of the underdog, him getting the glory was meant to be. Here’s a guy who was so in his own head, he not only couldn’t catch, he could not even line up right. In a complete 180 turn, he has gotten his mind right and went from bust to integral part of one of the best offenses in the league. No one embodies the elevation from 7-9 team to 13-3 Super Bowl bound team quite like Nelson. The 2017-18 Eagles have no shortage of players that are easy to root for, Agholor is certainly one of them. One last game. One last feel good story.
 (Completely unrelated but he also gives me hope that Markelle Fultz can mentally mature enough to shake the ‘bust’ reputation.)

By Aidan Powers | February 3, 2018