Meek Mill Should be Released From Prison if the Eagles Win the Super Bowl

 This past Monday, a Philadelphia judge sentenced North Philly legend, Meek Mill to 2 to 4 years in prison for violating his probation. The violated probation stems from Meek’s original sentence almost a decade ago in a drug and gun case.
 Let’s start by illustrating what a trash ruling this was. By the looks of it, this was a judge looking for her 15 minutes of fame and going on a power trip, knowing this was a high profile case that could get her some notoriety. The punishment clearly doesn’t fit the crime with this one. It costs Pennsylvania taxpayers around $42,000 annually for each inmate in state prison. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have the funds to be financing a prison sentence for a guy who’s crimes are riding a dirt bike or getting high off Perc’s and tweeting about what lyrics Drake did or did not write.
 Now let’s get down to brass tax with this and the impact it could have on our beloved Birds. If Meek is in prison and can’t perform Dreams and Nightmares at the NFC Championship game, this could be a serious blow to our Super Bowl chances. If these Eagles come out to “Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished?!” we are putting up another 50 burger, I don’t care who we play. Let’s set the scene: the Cowboys sneak in the playoffs as a wild card. With Zeke fresh from his suspension stemming from committing ACTUAL crimes, they gain momentum and come into the Linc for the NFC championship on a high. As soon as that beat drops for Pray For Em, Dreams & Nightmares or Wins and Losses, we could be looking at another 44-6 situation.
 I mean, if the Eagles do win the Super Bowl (*knocks on wood until knuckles bleed*) and they don’t take a flight from Minneapolis right to Club Recess where Meek takes the stage, what was this all for? I am firmly convinced that the Yankees beat us in the 2009 World Series because Jay-Z performed right there on the field. We have the franchise QB, we just added a bell cow running back, all we need is Meek on the mic in the middle of Lincoln Financial Field and we have a our first ring, you can guarantee it.
The only silver lining to this mess is that the final scene to our 30 for 30 documentary is written. The Eagles win the Super Bowl as Meek wins his appeal. He walks out of the penitentiary, puts on his Dream Chasers chain and a “Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 52 Champions” hat, gets in his phantom and goes to the parade.
 In all seriousness, if these are the rulings judges are handing out, our court system is broken. The link at the bottom is an actual petition for Governor Tom Wolf to pardon Meek. Anyone who has taken Civics/Goverment classes knows that’s not how it works but the large amount of signatures and attention definitely could help his appeal. Free Meek and Go Birds.
By Aidan Powers | November 10, 2017