Lock of the Millennium: Eagles Winning on Christmas

Well, here we are. The day the schedule came out, we were in almost unanimous agreement that a 9-7 season would be a step in the right direction. Now, we spend our time talking ourselves into Nick Foles leading us to a Super Bowl. We’ve been through a lot since that schedule release day. There are many twists and turns in an NFL season, but few teams have been through more tribulations than our Eagles. From Darren Sproles entire body being broken on one play, the 126 to 1 penalty yardage game, losing Jordan Hicks and Jason Peters in the same night and giving up 500 yards to the 2-12 Giants, we’ve seen some shit. Not to mention, losing Wentz, who’s ACL tear was the most devastating ligament damage this planet has seen since the birthday boy, Jesus himself had nails hammered through his hands and feet. After that roller coaster ride since the schedule has been released, one constant has remained: we are going to annihilate the Oakland Raiders in primetime on Christmas Night.
I’ve never guaranteed a win for a Philly sports team in my entire life. But, I haven’t been this confident in an Eagles win since playing Bears back in 2013, which ironically, was Nick Foles breakout year. How’d that one turnout? Oh yeah a 54-11 beatdown that even Mike Vick played in.
 There’s a laundry list of reasons this will be a victory but here’s a few obvious highlighted ones that require absolutely zero X’s and O’s analysis:
First and foremost, the motivational levels of these teams are soaring in opposite directions. Raiders fans, I feel for you. That loss last week was bull shit and having an index card decide your fate is the most Dallas Cowboys thing ever. Even Patriots fans thought that was suspect officiating. But, that card sealed the fate of the season and the possibility of a playoff bid. Now, a week later, with nothing to play for and tasked with beating a team who can clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs, it could get ugly. I just hope they keep it close long enough that we don’t get stuck with hearing an extended conversation about the, “Philly fans threw snowballs at Santa” story.
 Another important factor that we are all too familiar with this year is the coast to coast travel and how it effects a team. This isn’t the Raiders first trip to the East Coast this year and the last trip went poorly to say the least. Oakland flew to Buffalo and couldn’t even muster up enough points to beat a team who’s offense is so anemic, their fans dive headfirst into tables and light themselves on fire in the parking lot to keep themselves entertained. The 49ers flew to Philly and got the doors blown off after a long flight. The coast to coast flight tripped up the Eagles in Seattle. Now, advantage back to the East Coast.
 The final reason that has nothing to do with talent on the field, coaches calling plays, of strategies being used is the overall atmosphere at the Linc Christmas Night. This was bound to be special from the start. A primetime game at home at night on a holiday will always be a huge plus one to Philly. Now, mix in some all black jerseys and the chance to lock up a home field advantage throughout the playoffs and we’re talking BLOWOUT. You just get the feeling and a vibe that’s the only likely outcome.
 One last thing. The Sixers are winning tomorrow too because that’s what Philly sports do. They break your heart and reel you back in. They’ll break our hearts a hundred times but we will always be back that 101st time. Now, I’m not sure this Sixers team has broken my heart but Jerryd Bayless has definitely destroyed any functioning brain cells I had left. Losing 9 out of 10 going into a marquee, nationally televised matchup on Christmas? Oh yeah, have reel us in one more time Bryan Colangelo, you spineless piece of shit.
By Aidan Powers | December 24, 2017