Lil Dicky is Skipping the Super Bowl for all the Right Reasons

  Philly (suburbs) rapper, Lil Dicky took to Twitter over the weekend and declared he’s officially OUT on Super Bowl tickets. The reason? Because if we win, it’s the end of this city as we know it.

 Going to the Super Bowl could easily be the greatest sports fan bucket list item one could possibly fulfill. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you will cherish forever and missing out on that may seem crazy. With all that being said, LD absolutely made the correct decision by ditching a Minneapolis trip. Now, I’m broke, so going to the Super Bowl is like going to a different stratosphere to me. But, even if I was a famous rapper, there is absolutely no way I am missing the possible party that could go down on Broad Street if we actually pull this thing off. Talk about once in a lifetime opportunities, how often do you get to be in a riot?
 If you thought dune buggies on the art museum steps and running into a subway pole were ridiculous, that will be small potatoes compared to what goes down if our Philadelphia Eagles, led by Nick Foles, destroy the Patriots evil empire. I, like many of us Philadelphians, have envisioned the moment where we our crowned Super Bowl champions. I’ve cried thinking about it. I’ve pictured hugging my dad after winning. Experiencing the pure joy of watching the team hoist the trophy. My imagination has wandered wild with all of those moments, but my brain cannot comprehend what a spectacle it will be downtown if this thing really goes down.
 I was at the Phillies parade in ‘08 with about 2 million of my closest friends. There’s an outside shot we hit that number the night of the Super Bowl and keep it rolling into the early Monday morning. And the parade? Well, we are getting ahead of ourselves but I may ascend to heaven above while double fisting Bud Light when this is all said and done. Kudos to you Lil Dicky, celebrate with the people.
By Aidan Powers | January 30, 2018