LeBron to the Sixers Rumors Are Hilariously Real

The most 2017 thing ever is NBA players tweeting emojis regarding free agency and trades that set Twitter on fire, but here we are as Sixers fans, right smack dab in the middle of it after Ben Simmons tweeted this:

Now this most likely means something very small and irrelevant. Lebron and Simmons have the same agent and maybe the ‘posse’ is cooking something up sponsorship wise. Maybe the guys are just planning to go back to Toronto for OVO Fest weekend for the second consecutive year. Or, maybe Simmons will be one of the players who gets his talents stolen by the Monstars when Lebron inevitably shoots Space Jam 2. Something along those lines is probably what’s up.

But, this is Philadelphia and we blow things out of proportion, it’s what we were born to do, it’s in our blood. Things are dying down on the Sixers front as football revs up and we just had to watch Lonzo dominate Summer League while Markelle Fultz hobbled around in a walking boot so let’s just get wild with this. I want rumors flying all year like: “The Sixers haven’t resigned Covington yet because Lebron is signing this summer” or “Embiid and Simmons are having their playing time restricted so that they are healthy when Lebron arrives”. If your bio on social media doesn’t say ‘Lebron to Sixers Confirmed’ by the time the season starts you are already behind.

As crazy as it is to say after being on a 28 game losing streak and losing our GM just a season a year and a half ago, James signing with the Sixers actually makes some sense. The Cavs have clearly plateaued and deals like $86 million for Tristan Thompson have put them so far into the luxury tax there is no coming back. No one in their right mind would head west to play in that ridiculously loaded conference when they could cake walk to the NBA Finals in the Eastern Conference. Playing for the Sixers would give Bron Bron the ability to dip his feet in the fountain of youth, allowing him to continue his reign and relentless pursuit of titles with a cap friendly, budding core around him.

I mean, Dear Lord, if you make this combo a reality, this former 10 win, laughingstock of a team could end up averaging 120ppg.


As much as I’d like to see the best player since Michael Jordan (why is this debate still a thing?) in a Sixers jersey come 2018, part of me would be disappointed if he landed in Philadelphia. When I’m drunkenly stumbling down Broad Street at the Sixers 2020 championship parade, I want it to be because we did it OUR way, the “Process” way. I want to hoist that trophy and boo the shit out of Adam Silver because all our draft picks worked out, Embiid stayed healthy and Simmons showed his Magic Johnson level ability. Lebron rolling in as a Messiah, savior of our broken team, here to wash away our sins (although Hinkie already did that) would be bittersweet. But, in a city as championship starved as Philadelphia, we really can’t complain or be picky. Plus, I’d love to see a video like this where Cleveland gets publicly humiliated and spurned for the City of Brotherly Love:

By Aidan Powers | July 19, 2017