Joel Embiid Killed the Most Overrated Player in the NBA

 If this were a boxing match, Joel Embiid’s vicious tomahawk dunk over Russell Westbrook would have been an absolute haymaker and a first round knockout:

 If the dunk was a knockout, the staredown was taking his lifeless body out of the ring and burying it in the parking lot. Here I was, minding my own business, thinking that the Eagles Super Bowl banner going over the Vikings SKOL banner was going to be the most disrespectful thing I saw all day. Then, Embiid commits a homicide against the most undeserving MVP in the history of the league. For a team that knows a good bit about moral victories, this one may just take the cake.
 Speaking of moral victories, the Sixers did lose this game but it’s hard to be frustrated about it. Aside from the Embiid poster, they also played hard, they played well, and they stuck with a very good team on the road. Losing these games isn’t the issue, it’s when they blow a double digit lead against Memphis that makes you want to rip your own intestines out. These games are the fun losses, if there is such a thing. You watch a game like that and tell me Embiid and Ben Simmons aren’t going to be two of the top 10 players in the league sooner rather than later. Plus, I’m content with the Sixers losing every game they play this week. We as a city have to save all our sports karma up for next Sunday.  If that means sacrificing a few Sixers victories so be it, I plan on being dead after the Super Bowl parade anyways.
 We’ve also got to appreciate the random fact that apparently the Oklahoma City Thunder are now our rivals. Between this game and the triple OT thriller, these two teams have played two fiercely competitive games full of physicality and trash talk. Melo and Embiid going at it, Embiid murdering Westbrook, Westbrook staring Embiid down like the douchebag he is , so much drama and intrigue with these two teams. Imagine how intense these games would be if the Thunder actually had a good point guard. At least he had the decency to up his performance from 10/33 shooting in the triple overtime game to 14/33 this time around.
 The funeral for Russell Westbrook will have to be held Tuesday. Here’s hoping it goes better than the funeral he tried to throw for the Warriors. The reason we can’t have it on this fine Monday is because we may get to see Embiid in back to back game situation! Embiid claims he was told he would be available for back to back games on this road trip. Depending on how he feels coming off the matchup with the Thunder, he could be out there when the Sixers take the court in the shithole that is Milwaukee (‘shithole’ has become a lot less fun to say).
 The Sixers have been playing their best basketball as of late, with the second best record in the league since Christmas. But, to be brutally honest I find it hard to care with the Eagles playing in the Super Bowl. Right now, my little heart only has so much rooting effort to give and it’s going all to the Eagles. I promise Sixers, I’ll be back and Embiid posterizing Westbrook was enough to hold me over while I’m gone.
By Aidan Powers | January 29, 2018