Jahlil Okafor is Still Throwing Himself a Pity Party

Jahlil Okafor on the Sixers was like the alcoholic step dad you never wanted. No matter how many bad qualities he has that infuriated you, you know you’re always stuck with him. When Okafor was unloaded onto the poor Nets, I thought we had been freed from ever acknowledging his existence ever again. Yet, here we are, still watching Jah throw himself a pity party with the help of the national media.
A few things strike me about this newest Okafor sympathy piece. Firstly, I didn’t know Complex was allowed to write articles that aren’t about Kanye. Secondly, and most importantly, this article is absolute bull shit. I haven’t been following what’s going on with Brooklyn Nets basketball. Frankly, I’m not sure Nets fans even follow the Brooklyn Nets but apparently since Jah’s much anticipated departure he has been getting the same about of playing time. None. Shocker.
So, after being drafted by the Sixers, Okafor has thrown a temper tantrum with his jersey at his intro press conference, come into the league out of shape, got in a fight on TMZ in Boston, got into another fight where a gun was pulled on him, got a speeding ticket for going 70mph over the speed limit, become a notorious defensive liability, effectively got Hinkie fired and Noel traded and become a vegan to get in shape while still not being in shape. But yeah, the Sixers coaching staff was what was holding him back, give me a break.
Look I’m not high on Brett Brown and his staff right now with the ways things have been playing out during this losing streak, but his entire “actual staff” quote is almost laughable. If Okafor put as much effort into getting a defensive stop as he does looking for national media members to tell his sob story, maybe that big bust could be better than a -62 while he’s on the court.
What is a shocker to me is how Jah has somehow found an infinite number of members of the national media to spin this sob story where he is a shackled, budding super star. Okafor has hit pieces centered on the Sixers holding him back and his own #FreeJah campaign that have been perpetuated by members of the national media. I am convinced that no one outside of the city of Philadelphia has seen this guy play basketball.
Jahlil Okafor can keep using the Sixers coaching staff as a scapegoat as long as he sees fit but the writing is on the wall. He sucks at basketball. Blame Brett Brown all you want for losing to the Raptors by 33 in your debut, it is only going to cost you in the long run. I am sure what every front office wants to hear from an upcoming free agent is bashing a coaching staff and reports that you are out of shape. Good luck finding a home come July 1st. I would say he is no longer our problem now, but check back in next week to see what national media outlet keeps the Jahlil Okafor sympathy train chugging!
By Aidan Powers | December 20, 2017