Is It a Sin To Draft Cowboys In Fantasy Football?

It’s that time of year again where respective fantasy football draft days are rapidly approaching, along with the glorious return of football itself. Draft day, much like the first week of football, brings excitement and anticipation that can only be felt at this time of year. The argument can be made that draft day for your fantasy football league is second only to opening presents on Christmas morning.

Part of what makes fantasy football so special is that draft day is one of the few times all year that you can get your entire friend group in one room. With busy schedules and different locations, it is tough to get everyone all in one place at the same time. Yet, for that one magical afternoon, all your friends are united again under one roof; reminiscing upon the time one of you hooked up with a girl from high school who now has two kids with two different dads, while simultaneously discussing whether James Connor will vulture goal line touches from Le’Veon Bell.

For Eagles fans who play fantasy, it is hard not to be a homer and draft at least one player from our beloved Birds. There aren’t many guys on the current roster who are going to be at the top of many draft boards but there are a few late round picks to take a flier on. Or, if you really want to drive yourself insane and hate your life, draft Zach Ertz so he can be useless again for 14 weeks only to pad stats once the Eagles are eliminated from contention. Side note: I’ve never had heroin laced with fentanyl, but I can only assume drafting Zach Ertz is as detrimental to your health as that.

While the Eagles don’t have the cream of the crop fantasy wise, the Cowboys sure as hell do. Whether it’s Dez (when he’s not beating his mom), Zeke Elliot (when he’s not beating his girlfriend), or the dual threat Dak Prescott, they’ve got some solid fantasy options.

That’s all well and good, except for one thing: I hate them. I hate that organization with every fiber in my body. It’s hard to pick up a player from that team in fantasy football and root for them, while simultaneously rooting for the team to lose 44-6 like that beautiful January night in 2009.

This year, there will most likely come a point in your draft where, as an Eagles fan, you will be faced with the possibility of drafting Zeke. Due to his suspension, he will slip into the later rounds, giving you the chance to snag him and stash him like some second round NBA draft pick from Europe whose name you can’t pronounce. Do you draft him and add to your running back depth, or pass on him to steady your moral compass?

What would YOU do?

By Aidan Powers | August 28, 2017