In a Season Full of Embarrassment, Sending Ty Kelly to Kevin Hart Day is Easily the Most Embarrassing for the Phillies

Why even show up to Kevin Hart Day if you’re sending Ty Kelly?

This is so god damn embarrassing.

Kevin Hart is one of the coolest guys in all of the planet and the Phillies decide their counter to K Hart’s coolness was sending the worst player on the worst team in baseball that also doubles as the teams accountant?

Don’t think this was that embarrassing?

Take a look at this photo and try not to cringe.

Ty Kelly is Smalls from Sandlot.

I’d love to know what Hart was thinking when the pasty white second baseman from the Phillies started walking his way. In the most Kevin Hart voice ever I imagine him saying to himself, “who the fuck?”

What a waste of time. The Phillies had a chance to do something cool here but they absolutely blew it. Kevin Hart is one of the most popular people on the planet and instead of understanding that they mailed it in and sent a guy that probably won’t be on the team in a few weeks. Hell, for Kevin Hart this is even a bad visual. Would you want Ty Kelly showing up to the day your recognized by the city of Philadelphia? Fuck no you wouldn’t.

Get Ty Kelly off of my baseball team.

By | July 6, 2017