Imagine Thinking “Clam Chowda” and “Boston Beans” are Better than a Cheesesteak

Fuck Boston and their entire fanbase.

Not only have they come out this week and proclaimed that the Patriots fans deserve a blowout against the Eagles because all of their other championships were too stressful, but they’ve also come into our city and disrespected our most prized possession: The Cheesesteak.

Now, we can debate which spot has the best Cheesesteak in the city until we’re blue in the face, but one fact remains the same– you mess with one Cheesesteak, you mess with them all in the minds of Philadelphians. And today, one our own was DEFACED on our own soil.

I’ve never seen so much God damn disrespect in my entire life.

And man, is that accent fucking horrible.

But in a way, I kinda feel bad for this New Englander. He had to grow up on soup and baked beans instead of meat, cheese and bread like a real American.

What a miserable existence that must be.

So to recap, not only do Philadelphians have to deal with getting shit-on by the national media, we also have to deal with our beloved statue getting defaced and our food getting thrown on the ground.

It’s truly Philly vs. Everybody and we wouldn’t want it any other way.




By | February 1, 2018