The Latest Official Eagles Hype Video Will Give You Straight GOOSEBUMPS

 I’m not sure who runs the Philadelphia Eagles social media accounts, but I hope they get paid the same amount as the players do. This latest, and possibly final hype video of the season has me ready to run through a god damn wall:

 When I was little, I had a replica Eagles helmet and an Eagles football. I’d run around in my side yard with the helmet on catching the football like I was a wide receiver on the team. After that video, there’s a solid chance my neighbors catch me doing that again at age 23.  After two weeks of repetitive storylines and an endless build up of hype, the anxiety of this city is boiling over the top. This much angst, this much emotion, a day 52 Super Bowls in the making is nearly upon us and then they drop that gem. After that, I truly believe that if given the opportunity to blitz Tom Brady ten times, I would get there at least three and no one can convince me otherwise.
 They also could not have done a more perfect job of cameos with Bradley Cooper as the voiceover and snippets of Malcolm Jenkins pregame speeches. That’s probably the best combo since Shaq and Penny. When I think of celebrity Eagles fans, I think of Bradley Cooper. When I think of the leader of the Eagles defense, I think of Malcolm Jenkins. Putting them together creates two minutes of captivating, star studded energy.
 The theme behind the video is also probably the single greatest motivational force of all time. ONE GAME. This one game forever changes the history of this city. A win in this one game alleviates the heartbreak while justifying all the passion we’ve put in. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since 2004, a moment some people who witnessed the championship in 1960 never thought they’d see again. It’s one game for former guys who never won the ONE game but still deserved it. Guys like Brian Dawkins and Jim Johnson, but also for current players who still have their chance. Guys like Malcolm and like Brent Celek. We are one game and one win away from the moment of embrace with your family and your loved ones that you will never forget. It’s one game for the Dutch Destroyer’s family and unified Eagles families alike. Every game has been leading up to this one game.

One game away from catapulting the dog to the top of the food chain. Ending the Patriots reign and starting our own.

By Aidan Powers | February 2, 2018