I Never Want This Feeling to Leave

By: Aaron Black

It has been over 72 hours since the Eagles have won the NFC Championship and I am still on an emotional high that will not lift probably for another five days. What the fuck am I supposed to do with myself for the next 12 days? Well, watch highlights of the game, talk myself into how I wanted to play New England, and watch every Patriots game over the last 15 years and come up with my game plan to make Tom Brady not be Tom Brady.

Back to Sunday night though and WOW…I think I was in the minority of people who thought the Eagles were going to win convincingly, but my idea of convincingly was a 24-13 win. As I got a little more day drunk, I told all my buddies that this game was going to be a blowout. So yes, I am a genius and predicted this demolishing of the Vikings. Although, when Case Keenum drove the Vikings down the field and threw an opening drive touchdown to a wide-open Kyle Rudolph, I was ready to shit my pants and abruptly leave the Linc because my friends were looking at me like it was my fault I cursed this game. And then it happened…A Patrick Robinson pick 6 that turned the game on its head and the Eagles never looked back. Constant pressure on Keenum, the Linc feeling like a 70,000 person adrenaline infused rave, and Nick Foles’s body being possessed by some quarterback set from the football Gods. This game put in one simple word was: PERFECT. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would turn the Vikings SKOL chant into the entire crowd clapping in unison saying “FOLES”… “FOLES” …“FOLES.” That is something that will live in Philadelphia sports lure forever. People driving dune buggies up the art museum steps, running full speed into concrete walls in the subway, and climbing street poles with ease (even lathered in Crisco) was the ending to a perfect good ol’ Philadelphia party. This is why our founding fathers did what they did, so the great people of Philadelphia can live in drunken glee for a few hours after the biggest win over a decade.


The Eagles are NFC Champs, god that is so fun to say. A team that has fought against the odds, battled injury after injury, was told they were underdogs the whole time and never flinched. Opening as a 5.5 point dog is just how we want it, and its one last opportunity to show how great this “underdog” team is.


I am not Leslie Knope but if we win the big one you’ll need a lot more than a shit ton of Crisco to keep the city from burning to the ground in a euphoric celebration of football apogee. We will worry about that when the time comes. For now, breathe it in, consume it, embrace it, bathe yourself in wiz cheese, and just love life for the next 12 days.

By Aidan Powers | January 24, 2018