How the NFC will Play Out

By: Aaron Black

I’ll preface this article by saying the Eagles finish 13-3, conservatively.

It is that time of year. You’re doing it in fantasy football, now you need to do for the teams behind the Eagles. It is time to schedule peek. 9-1 through 10 games almost always means a 1-seed is in good hands for the playoffs, but there are some teams creeping up on the Eagles. The Saints had a chance to drop a game, but that is what we get for relying on the fucking Redskins. Some of those teams will lose some games, that is inevitable, but I think it is important to look at the schedules of those teams drive yourself crazy, make wild assumptions, and reassure the Eagles will not be caught. Let’s get weird.

Let’s start with New Orleans. The Saints have surprised this year in 2 departments. 1. The run game with Ingram and Kamara becoming a great duo, and 2. Their defense over achieving. With a sure HOF QB in Drew Brees and a great coach in Sean Payton, these guys who know what it takes to win the big game. Therefore, I believe this is the most threatening team, I think. The Saints last 6 games feature division match-ups with Atlanta twice, Panthers, Jets, Bucs, and this week against the Rams, whose offense was stifled last week by a Vikings defense who is legit. Saints finish 3-3 through the last 6 leaving them at 11-5.

Next, Minnesota. The Vikings defense is for real. They are third in points against this year. They have a defense, which likes the Eagles, can shut you down and make an offense one-dimensional very quickly. With an offense that is being led by Case Keenum, who is doing a job better than most could do in his spot, the Vikings are a threat. Their final 6 games include the Lions on Thanksgiving, and a win would put Vikings in the driver seat to win the NFC North. After Detroit, they play the Falcons, Panthers, Bengals, and Bears. Vikings finish 4-2 at 12-4.

The Rams. A great D-Line led by Aaron Donald and their evil offensive scientist of a coach, Sean McVay, has become an offensive juggernaut. With the development of Jared Goff, LA could be a big time contender. The Rams meet up with the Saints, Cardinals, Eagles, Seahawks, Titans, and Niners. So, a death stretch as far as the NFC goes with 4 tough games in those final 6. Rams finish 3-3 at 10-6 on the year.

Carolina is currently 7-3. With an offense led by the biggest hypocrite in football, Scam Newton, I think 7-3 for them right now is not even close to how good they are. Panthers finish with the Vikings, Bucs, Jets, Saints, Panthers, Falcons. Panthers finish 2-4 with a 9-7 record.

Atlanta. Wins a game last night that was just insane. First half turnovers, special team debacles, Pete Carroll being Pete Carroll, and a field goal coming up just short. They finish the season with the Bucs and Saints twice, the Vikings, and the Panthers. Atlanta finishes 2-4. At 8-8 and miss the playoffs. (Hot take?)

Lions and Seahawks are looking like Wild Card contenders. Seahawks are a mess on defense, key injuries, and giving up big points at home. Their offensive line could not block me. But there is something about the that can’t have me count them out. Seahawks finish 3-3 at 9-7.

Lions will finish at 3-3 for a 9-7 records and that is my analysis on the Lions.

So after some tiebreakers and all that good stuff that the Eagles don’t have to worry about this year…this is my NFC Playoff Picture. If my prediction comes true you all owe me $50 a piece.

  1. Eagles
  2. Vikings
  3. Saints
  4. Rams
  5. Seattle
  6. Carolina
By Aidan Powers | November 21, 2017