Hey, It Seems Like Zeke Elliot is a Huge POS

On late Sunday night, in typical Dallas Cowboys fashion, a team member had a run in with the law as Ezekiel Elliot was involved in a bar altercation where a 30 year old man claimed he was assaulted and was taken to the hospital. The rumors swirling on Twitter (take that with a grain of salt) is that the reigning Rookie of the Year knocked out the DJ at the bar and broke his nose.

Getting into a bar fight isn’t out of the ordinary, everyone has been in a situation where the booze starts flowing, someone says the wrong thing and tempers flare. The problem with this particular bar room brawl is that it comes just a few days after news broke that Elliot could be facing a suspension for his role in a domestic abuse incident back at Ohio State in 2016 and the running back has a week to present his rebuttal of the findings in the case to the NFL.

Keeping up with his phenomenal track record just a year into his career, Elliot was too dumb and immature to lay low and stay out of the way. Seriously, this time he only had to make it a week without punching a guy in the face, is that too much to ask? It’s not that Zeke is a huge criminal, tied up in a murder investigation (We alllll know you were involved, Ray) or training dogs to fight each other (still love you, Mike) but the incidents keep piling up. Whether its marijuana dispensary appearances or pulling down a girl’s shirt on St. Patty’s Day, this guy really just doesn’t get it. But, for “America’s Team” that means he is a perfect fit.

Last week, some Eagles fans had their feathers ruffled when Carson Wentz posted on Instagram referencing a story in the bible. This week in the NFC East, Elliot is punching a DJ in the face while awaiting a domestic violence related suspension and Odell Beckham Jr. is all over TMZ on the beaches of Cancun with a girl who may or may not be named after a prescription medication… we should consider ourselves lucky.

Ever since Aaron Rodgers single handedly destroyed the Cowboys dream season and knocked them out of their one and only playoff game, Ezekiel Elliot has continued to make a fool out of himself. Here is hoping we don’t see him on the field in the first two weeks against the Giants and Broncos, sliding Dallas to a smooth 0-2 start. Even with all the moronic off the field stints Elliot has been involved in, nothing he could do will ever top my favorite off the field Cowboys incident… #DezBeatsHisMom

By Aidan Powers | July 17, 2017