Does This Look Like the Face of an NFL Owner Who Has Any Clue what Decade it is?

By: Aaron Black

A video has emerged this week of what seems to be a reporter asking Jerry Jones about the Eagles Super Bowl run. His answer is completely fucking ridiculous, even for Jerry Jones’s standards.

Jones’ take on the Eagles QB situation and success in the playoffs is, according to him, thanks to Kevin Kolb and ‘Folk.’ I mean it’s no secret Jerry Jones is not exactly a guy who is going to be able to rattle off players in the league from any random team. He is a billionaire and simply does not care who they are. But, to not know who Carson Wentz is or even Nick Foles is just frightening. If you made flashcards of everybody on the Cowboys, actually scratch that, made flashcards of just the starters, and hold them up and let him guess who they are, I’m gonna say Jerry gets about 70% right. It would be like teaching the alphabet to an infant.

There is no question Jerry Jones is must see TV. Anytime there is a camera in front of this lunatics face, there is a chance for him to saying something so out of left field it makes you question how he possibly ran a football team, no matter how mediocre they may be, for all these years (It reflects in all those playoff wins within the last 2 decades). But, to give him the benefit of the doubt, he probably just got off the plane from one of his nights doing good ol’ boy stuff  and was just a little too hung-over to get his thoughts together. We feel you Jerry we have all had one of these nights….

With that said, I hope Jerry Jones and all Cowboys fans alike can sit back and relax during this Super Bowl. I’m sure the unoriginal jokes will fly about how the Eagles are still looking to win their first Super Bowl and how the Cowboys have five.  All those 20 year olds will talk as if they were there to see Roger Staubach and brag that he was unstoppable. Sounds like it will be a blast. I wonder how many extra mini hot dogs and buckets of wings Jerry had to splurge for knowing Chris Christie might stop by?

By Aidan Powers | January 27, 2018