We Can’t Treat Every Sixers Loss the Same as an Eagles Loss

There’s nothing quite like the overreaction to a Sixers loss. Yes, the Sixers lost last night in bad fashion and no Brett Brown shouldn’t be fired you fucking idiots. FIRE BRETT BROWN — Matt Freney (@MFreney97) November 10, 2017 Fire Brett Brown — Rich.hamp (@1richHamp) November 10, 2017 Fire Brett Brown — Thomas Considine (@215TRC) […]

By phillyfanlife.com | November 10, 2017

The Stars are Finally Aligning for Philly Sports…

(By: Aaron Black) Alright, I’m gonna say it. Here it goes, the Eagles are a 1 seed in the NFC. Now I know what I’m gonna get it, woah pump the breaks, anything can happen, sober up, etc. I get it, trust me. But just look at what’s happening in the NFC right now. There’s […]

By Aidan Powers | October 17, 2017

This Could Be the Greatest Christmas Since Jesus Himself Was Born

Winters in the Northeast can be brutal, especially the months of January and February. The weather is ridiculously bitter cold, the sun sets at what seems like noon and everyone is in a miserable mood. But December, especially around Christmas time, all of those problems go away. The snows seems whiter, people are merry, the […]

By Aidan Powers | August 11, 2017

SOURCES: Everyone’s Coming to Philly

This week, Philadelphia sports twitter exploded after Ben Simmons mysteriously tweeted the eyeball emoji at Lebron James. You would think that after a few days, the dust would’ve settled, we would’ve gotten back to reality and got ready for the annual ritual of complaining that Eagles training camp is no longer at Lehigh. Instead, we […]

By Aidan Powers | July 22, 2017

LeBron to the Sixers Rumors Are Hilariously Real

The most 2017 thing ever is NBA players tweeting emojis regarding free agency and trades that set Twitter on fire, but here we are as Sixers fans, right smack dab in the middle of it after Ben Simmons tweeted this: Now this most likely means something very small and irrelevant. Lebron and Simmons have the […]

By Aidan Powers | July 19, 2017

And the Winners of the 2017 #PhillyESPYs Are…

Best Play of 2017: McConnell Buzzer Beater- 52% Nova Tip In at the Buzzer- 20% Wentz to Sproles vs Pittsburgh- 28% It is very fitting the Sam Hinkie’s only ‘Like’ on Twitter is this incredible moment in Sixers history. The comeback against the Knicks capped by McConell’s buzzer beater over Melo was simultaneously a huge […]

By Aidan Powers | July 14, 2017

Jesus, Sexual Assault and the Phillies: Tuesday Mash-Up

Anytime the ESPY’s are around the corner, it is a sure sign that the sports world has hit one of its most dull points of the year. But in Philadelphia, it was another roller coaster week of emotions for fans. The Sixers flew from Salt Lake City to Vegas for more NBA Summer League action […]

By Aidan Powers | July 11, 2017

Soon, Everyone’s Going to Hate the Sixers and I Can’t Wait to Embrace it

By: Jack Fritz (@Jack_Fritz34) Let me preface this whole article by saying that this is going to come across and an insanely biased article, but you know what? I don’t really care. The Sixers, in short time, are going to go from exciting, confident young trio to absolutely hated by opposing fanbases, teams and coaches […]

By phillyfanlife.com | July 5, 2017

Jayson Tatum Ruined All the Fun But the Fultz Debut Was Awesome

Through three quarters of the 76ers summer league debut, everything was setting up perfectly to write an article bashing Danny Ainge and Celtics fans alike as Fultz shined in a Sixers win over the team that passed up the chance to draft him. Then the 4th quarter happened. The Sixers absolutely choked, couldn’t score and […]

By Aidan Powers | July 4, 2017