Can We Talk About the Most Disrespectful Electric Slide of All Time?

Leading up to the weekend clash with the Chicago Bears, I like many Eagles fans, tried to rationalize a way to stay level headed and not automatically assume a blowout was inevitable. It was the classic “trap game” that wasn’t really a trap game.  Maybe our team was looking ahead; maybe they would be sluggish after a huge win in primetime. Nope.

Beating the Bears on Sunday wasn’t a generic 1pm kickoff win against a lesser opponent to just breeze by. It was the first time in my life, aside from watching the Phillies in their 100 win season against the Nationals, where I had a feeling of utter inferiority. Not only did the Eagles defense eat Mitch Trubisky and the Bears offense alive, holding them to 6, yes 6 rush yards, then they went and did the electric slide to celebrate it(!!):

Think about how truly disrespectful that is to a team. They hold you without a first down for an entire half and then laugh it off while they go all ‘Dances White People Do at Weddings’ for 500. Is it funny? Hell yeah? Is it good sportsmanship? Hell no. But the beauty of what the Eagles did to the Bears and what they’ve been doing on this hot streak is that there is nothing you can do to stop it. You just gotta sit there on the bench, watch our offense hit dingers after touchdowns, watch our defense strike a pose, take your L and go home.

I remember as a Temple basketball fan, one specific instance where they played at Duke. The Owls had absolutely zero chance of winning and Duke had an insane non-conference home winning streak going. As time was winding down with the game clearly out of reach, Seth Curry pulled up from Steph range (ironic) and hit it just cause fuck it. I thought to myself, “Wow, what a prick. There was no need to do that, you already had the game in hand and a win on the way”. As I sat there wallowing in defeat, I realized it wasn’t the shot or even the shot going in that pissed me off, it was the fact there was nothing I could do about it. As a lesser opponent going against a college basketball Goliath, I just had to sit there and take a superior team jacking up threes in a 20 point win just to show off. They just could, because they were that good and you felt helpless watching it unfold. What also pissed me off was in that moment, I asked myself, “how come I never get to root for a team that gives an opponent that inferior feeling”? Well hellooooo 2017 Philadelphia Eagles, that time has come.

Look, as much as I love the underdog personality this city takes on, I really enjoy this team being the dominant force they are as the clear leader of the pack. I love the celebrations, the squad pictures on the sideline and even the electric slide. I love the chemistry this team has, the selflessness they show, I even love the fact that Caleb fucking Sturgis made the cut for Thanksgiving dinner. This team’s dominance is deserved. In the bottom of our hearts, we will always be Rocky, the underdog with a chip on our shoulder. But right now, we are Shaq dunking on Chris Dudley and wrapping his legs around him and I love it.

Weekend Football Recap Medals:

Gold: Colin Cowherd was back at it again, this time going after the franchise in the Western part of the state. I’ll tell ya what, “the Steelers are only good because their stars make a ton of big plays” is quite an interesting hot take. It remains to be seen if we can pull off an all PA with all those star players holding them back with the big plays they make.

Silver: We gotta go back to the Eagles for this one. No matter how many times I watch Doug Pederson crack up at this “premature explosion” question, I lose it. Yeah the hardos like Nick Saban and Bill Belichick win all the time because they are football robots but give me the coach who has the humor of an 8th grade boy taking sex ed for the first time.

Bronze:  Congratulations to the Baylor Bears on their 1-11 record this football season! It was a tough go this fall, but I have full faith that Matt Rhule and the boys will bounce back, because if they teach you anything at Baylor, it’s how to keep going after being denied.

By Aidan Powers | November 28, 2017