And the Winners of the 2017 #PhillyESPYs Are…

Best Play of 2017:

  • McConnell Buzzer Beater- 52%
  • Nova Tip In at the Buzzer- 20%
  • Wentz to Sproles vs Pittsburgh- 28%

It is very fitting the Sam Hinkie’s only ‘Like’ on Twitter is this incredible moment in Sixers history. The comeback against the Knicks capped by McConell’s buzzer beater over Melo was simultaneously a huge F U to Process Haters coupled with the greatest underdog moment in Philadelphia since Rocky II. January 2017 is the foundation for our inevitable upcoming title runs.

Actual NBA Rookie of the Year:

  • Joel Embiid- 69%
  • Dario Saric- 31%

The year is 2020: I’m walking down Broad Street during the Sixers Championship parade with both middle fingers in the air because of things like Malcolm Brogdon winning Rookie of the Year. Brogdon, who looks like the guy colleges put on their brochures to show they have diversity, will be a middling NBA role player for years to come. Embiid has super star written all over him, so in the long run this will mean nothing but in the meantime it is frustrating how illogical it is for a guy to never win Rookie of the Month then win Rookie of the Year. No disrespect to Dario, who was runner-up in both the NBA and Rookie of the Year voting but still had better stats than Brogdon.

Best Draft Pick: 

  • Sidney Jones- 10%
  • Derek Barnett- 7%
  • Markelle Fultz- 67%
  • Nolan Patrick- 16%

I really still can’t believe the picks swapped. I really still can’t believe Markelle Fultz is a Sixer. There were so many pieces that needed to fall into place for this to work, including Danny Ainge somehow believing Jayson Tatum was a more promising prospect than Fultz. But, here we are and we have a whole lot of hesi pull up jimbos to look forward to.

Best NFL Draft Moment:

  • All Around Atmosphere- 29%
  • Booing Matt Rhule- 9%
  • Haason Reddick- 7%
  • Eagles Fight Song- 55%

Two videos of crowds will give you goosebumps from now until you’re dead and gone: the Xfinity Live reaction to the Sixers getting the first pick and the right to draft Ben Simmons and this right here…

Best Breakthrough Athlete: 

  • Ivan Provorov- 10%
  • Joel Embiid- 55%
  • Carson Wentz- 28%
  • Aaron Altherr- 7%

Remember when #TankForWiggins was a thing? Guy wasn’t even the best player on his Kansas team. Ben Simmons may be the most transcendent point guard since Magic, Carson Wentz may lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl EVER and Joel Embiid may end up more legendary then them all. F Lavar Ball forever.

GM of the Year:

  • Hinkie- 74%
  • Hinkie- 26%

Yea yea yea Howie had a great offseason but come on… it’s Hinkie and it’ll always be Hinkie. Wake me up when your GM makes a move like this with the foresight that he had in mind. The GOAT.

Best Trade:

  • Bradford Trade- 54% 
  • Fultz Trade- 46%

Without this trade there is no incredible atmosphere at the draft, there is no fight song moment and there is no Derek Barnett (To be determined if that matters). Imagine a draft in Philadelphia and Philadelphia doesn’t have a first round pick. Bradford and his awful sleeves were absolutely worth the sacrifice, unfortunately Teddy Bridgewater’s knee also got sacrificed. RIP in Peace, Teddy.

Best Media Moment: 

  • McLane Kicked Out- 54%
  • Innes Leaving- 46%

I love making fun of other professional sports teams when they pull moves like this but it’s really awkward when it’s your team doing this BS. Let’s just hope next year in the last game of the season we are playing meaningful football and a reporter getting kicked out isn’t the main story.

Best Philly Sports Moment:

  • The Picks Swapped- 52%
  • Flyers Get #2 Pick- 18%
  • NFL Draft- 30%

We were right. You were wrong. The process worked. The picks swapped. Hinkie is vindicated.

Most Likely to Win a Championship by 2020:

  • 76ers- 24%
  • Phillies- 3%
  • Sixers- 62%
  • Flyers- 11%

This picture makes me sentimental and they haven’t even played a single game together yet. This picture is reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Not even in sports, if my dog dies tomorrow I’m looking at this picture. Bury me in my grave with this picture. The storm is behind us, the sun is out again and Philadelphia sports have a lot of promise…the Sixers are just the closest to results. A golden age is upon us.

By Aidan Powers | July 14, 2017