20K At The Linc Was Cool, But I Miss Lehigh

This weekend, the Denver Broncos posted this on Twitter, flaunting a sea of orange that broke their record for largest attendance in their training camp history:

That’s cute.

Meanwhile, some 20,000 fans strolled into Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, for a make-up free training camp practice on Military Appreciation Day. Fans got to witness more sharp, accurate passing from Carson Wentz as he takes his next steps. Even the weapons showed promise as Legarette Blount exhibited some pass catching ability while Torrey Smith smoked a corner for a deep touchdown, both looking like valuable signings.

Fans on Sunday presented a pretty reasonable crowd by Philadelphia standards, obscene by the rest of the league standards. The team has been relatively injury free and there have been remarkable progress reports so far for key players, even Nelson Agholor (!!!). That practice set itself up for the first taste of greatness at the Linc this year and it’s astounding and also awful that an Eagles practice could draw more than a Phillies game…but it’s just not the same.

I miss Lehigh. I miss rolling up and looking at which position would be in the autograph tent that day. I miss the players rolling out of the building and the horn going off at 8am sharp. I miss standing behind the goal posts and hoping for the chance to snag one from David Akers during a special teams drill. I miss following the red jerseys all over the field to see how the quarterbacks were performing that day. I even miss being forced to walk through the memorabilia tent to get a seat and telling myself, “I will not buy overpriced apparel today,” only to leave at the end of the day saying, “damn it, I can’t believe I just spent money on another Eagles shirt”.

Nothing about the Eagles having training camp at Lehigh makes any sense. They travel almost two hours away to practice at a backroad college field while they have a state of the art complex some five minutes from Lincoln Financial Field. The players have to stay in dorms for weeks on end after miserably hot two a days instead of going back to their homes and apartments with their families. But, when you’re a Philly fan, where wins come few and far between, you are often sentimental and nostalgic. The nostalgia flows when thinking about training camp at Lehigh, so despite how illogical it is, send the Birds back to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and let that horn blare at 8am. While we’re at it, why the hell are the Sixers playing in London? I want to see Joel going for 100 like Wilt at Hersheypark Arena. Bring the good times back:


Feel free to comment your favorite moments from Philadelphia Eagles training camp at Lehigh.



By Aidan Powers | July 31, 2017