The Ultimate Troll Job of the Patriots

By: Aaron Black There is not much stock to put into a preseason football game, but I would be lying if I said last nights game didn’t have a little extra juice. I speak for all of us when I say we wanted to go into New England and dominate for those few minutes the […]

By Aidan Powers | August 17, 2018

Phils Give Up 30 Runs In One Day, Gain .5 Game On Braves and Cardinals

Woof, what a day of baseball. Here I was thinking that the Phillies and Mets playing essentially a little league game in Williamsport was going to be the strangest thing this series had to offer. But nope, Scott Kingery lobbing slow pitch to Jose Bautista like it’s a friendly wiffle ball game at a family […]

By Aidan Powers |

The 1-31 Hard Knocks Review: Episode 2

As you all know, the Browns suck. As most of you know too, they’ve sucked A LOT since passing on Carson Wentz in the draft and allowing the Eagles to trade up and get him. In honor of that move and HBO giving us a look behind the curtain at the NFL’s most inept and […]

By Aidan Powers | August 15, 2018

Christian Hackenberg’s Eagles Debut was Bad and Not Good

The Eagles signed Christian Hackenberg for what reason I am not really sure. Probably just to give a QB who had success at the college level another chance. His first taste of the NFL was also with the Jets, and that speaks for itself. The former Penn State standout got off to a hell of […]

By Aidan Powers | August 14, 2018

Eagles Fans Put Up A Billboard Near Gillette Stadium To Troll the Patriots

If you are heading to the Super Bowl rematch of sorts this week, chances are you will see a fresh use of ad space in New England. A Massachusetts based Eagles fan has pulled together donations to put up a billboard near Gillette stadium, commemorating the Eagles 41-33 victory over the Patriots in February. Alright, […]

By Aidan Powers |

Reports From Eagles Training Camp Are That Dallas Goedert Is Dead

The highlight of yesterdays open practice was veteran TE Zach Ertz hauling in three TD’s in red zone drills. What fans didn’t realize was why Ertz was getting so many reps. Turns out, we might have our answer based on todays early practice. Looks like Dallas Goedert might have injured his right arm. A quick […]

By Kyle Jones | August 12, 2018

The Sixers Schedule Is Officially Out and About

I barely had time to dive deep into the Nate Sudfeld led Eagles performance before the Sixers stole my heart away again. The full 2018-19 schedule for the Philadelphia 76ers is officially here:   As we know, the Sixers will play the Boston Celtics to open the season and then play them on Christmas as […]

By Aidan Powers | August 10, 2018

The Philadelphia Eagles Just Played a Football Game

Well, the first game of the Eagles preseason has just wrapped up and all things considered, it was a pretty lackluster performance. Albeit, that means absolutely nothing. The only thing that really matters, is this: Starting defense is done for the night. I'm good if I don't see 'em until Sept. 6. Steelers had two […]

By Aidan Powers | August 9, 2018