Some Things I’ve Learned With Carson Breaking His Back

In this day and age, it feels like light-years since the news broke that Carson Wentz has a fractured vertebrae. About 600 Kanye tweets ago, the rumor mill was churning in regards to Carson’s back soreness turned fracture. Here are some things I’ve learned since the news broke. 1) Effective Forms of Medieval Torture When […]

By Aidan Powers | December 14, 2018

Carson Wentz: Probably Not Playing This Week or Again This Season

During his press conference today, Doug Pederson would not guarantee that Carson Wentz would play this Sunday in Los Angeles. In less than an hour this is where we’ve ended up: I mean, what’s left to say at this point? The injury bug has come for everyone in that locker room. They are physically defeated, […]

By Aidan Powers | December 12, 2018

Chase Utley, Dont You Dare Do What You Are About To Do

The most famous words from the 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies was by a fan favorite. A player was made his career in Philadelphia. A man, that might throw all that away if he does what he is rumored to be doing. Chase Utley was drafted by the Phillies in 2000 with the 15th […]

By Brandon Sommermann |

Are The Eagles Too Predictable? They Say No, But The Stats Say Otherwise

The Eagles make a new game plan each week. Each week, the coaching staff looks for weaknesses and opportunities for the offense and defense to take advantage of during games. However, has the game plan really changed each week? Why do the Eagles keep doing the same thing each and every week? These questions the […]

By Brandon Sommermann | December 11, 2018

‘Twas the Year of the Offseason

As I said on the Life of a Philly Fan podcast, it’s the year of the offseason in Philadelphia. I wanted to write an article explaining just what that means and why but, instead, figured I’d do something a little different and make a of grim topic seem a bit more exciting. Being that it’s […]

By Vince Scian | December 10, 2018

“ThE NEw NOrM”

This post may come off as negative, but I wanted the Eagles to be successful this season just like all of you. Matter of fact, it was promised to me by Doug Pederson himself at the end of Parade Day. The New Norm, they said. The “New Norm” shouldn’t be struggling to win games and […]

By Kyle Jones |

Five Flyers Observations : 6 Unanswered Fuels The Flyers Victory

Game two in the Chuck Fletcher era was a lot better for the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers defeated the Buffalo Sabres, 6-2, Saturday afternoon in Buffalo to start 5-game road-trip. The Flyers were led offensively by captain, Claude Giroux. Giroux had his 11th career 4-point game. Scoring his 11th on the season and adding 3 […]

By Brandon Sommermann | December 8, 2018