The Sixers Playoff Push Begins Tonight and I’ve Never Been More All In

In February as a freshman in college (four years ago), I went to see the Sixers play at Wells Fargo against the Bulls. It was awful. The Sixers actually put up a solid fight because the Bulls were in that stage where Rose was injured so they lacked any semblance of firepower and rode their […]

By Aidan Powers | February 22, 2018

Let Me Be the First to Say Markelle Fultz is Completely Fine

The Philadelphia 76ers are currently in the layover period between the All-Star Game and the 2nd half of their promising season. The first half was an absolute roller coaster that featured both exhilarating and heart-wrenching moments that left the Sixers, well, pretty much where we thought they would be. At 25-25, the Sixers won their […]

By Aidan Powers | February 20, 2018

We’re Still Outraged Over our 700k Parade Crowd Estimate So We Reached Out to an Expert For Help; His Answers Will Surprise You

The 2017-18 NFL season illustrated week in and week out that the Philadelphia Eagles have the best fan base in the entire league. Before the year, it was fair to “embrace debate” on which team had the most dedicated fans. But, after taking over the LA stadiums TWICE, starting the underdog mask trend, outnumbering Patriots […]

By Aidan Powers | February 19, 2018

Recapping the Five Greatest Moments From Parade Day

Chris Long pulled off one of the freshest fits of all time. I thought it was a nice touch by the players to come out with the throwback jerseys on. It was like saying, “We ALL won this. This is for EVERYBODY that ever played and wore the Eagles uniform”. Fletcher Cox in the Reggie […]

By Aidan Powers | February 10, 2018

The Grand Finale

Well, here we are. The moment we’ve yearned for and the game we always wanted has finally arrived. And to think, all it took was: Teddy Bridgewater hurting his knee so the Vikings had to give up a first round pick with which we took Derek Barnett, trading our star receiver a few weeks before […]

By Aidan Powers | February 4, 2018

Nelson Agholor Winning Super Bowl MVP is Not as Crazy as you Think

 I’m not a betting man, because to be a betting man you must first have money. I am poor. But if I did, throw it all on Nelson Agholor as Super Bowl MVP at 66/1 odds. That’s taking candy from a baby. Not only does the match-up make a lot of sense, but he has […]

By Aidan Powers | February 3, 2018